Hello, I'm Luis Ortiz
And I am a Full-Stack Web Developer



I graduated from GMU with a Bachelors in Information Systems. I loved learning about the business-side of technology, but was disappointed with the amount of coding I learned. A few weeks after graduation, I decided to teach myself how to code. Eight months of self-teaching went by, and I decided to embark in General Assembly's Web Development Immersive Program in order to sharpen my skills and to learn how to code in a team.

After a year into my journey, I decided I am ready to provide incredible work as a developer in the field. I am in search of a Web developer position in the DC area. When I’m not coding, I love spending time with my wife, spending time with friends, playing guitar, reading, and getting a workout at the gym.



A fun card game about the cold war, spaceships, and blowing your enemies spaceships up! Made with HTML, CSS, and JS along with a library called Typed.JS. Will soon be refactored to use React.JS.

Technologies Used:

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